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Junior Squash

Our junior squash programme offers young athletes at all levels of play the opportunity to improve their technical, tactical and movement skills. Junior Squash Club members (8 – 16 years) will have the opportunity to improve their skills and represent one of our 4 junior squash teams. Our sessions are planned and structured according to the England Squash development pathway and the coaches are well trained and versed in delivering this methodology. Sessions for juniors need to be fun and engaging first and foremost. Once this environment is created then more sustained and robust learning can take place and skills and tactics are then imbedded quicker and better.

Junior Squash Programme overview

Saturday: 08:40 – 09.40

Saturdays: 12:00 – 13:20


Saturday: 13:20 – 14:20


Saturday: 09:40 – 11:00


Saturday: 17.20 – 18.00

Price: £12 per session

Junior Squash Programme 11th Jan - 8th Feb & 22nd Feb - 4th April 2020
BEGINNERSIntermediateEmergingAdvancedAcademy (Invitation only)New! Weekly Session Emerging/Advanced
08:40-09:4012:00-13:2013:20-14:4009:40-11:0016:40 - 18:0016:40 - 18:00
Beginner Training Course

Beginner Training Course

When: Saturdays

Time: 08:40 - 09:40

Price: £35

Beginner sessions focus on improving basic skills, techniques and movement patterns at a foundation level. The ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination) are one of the cornerstones of these sessions.

Intermediate Training Course

Intermediate Training Course

When: Saturdays

Time: 12:00 - 13:20

Price: £45

Intermediate sessions are aimed at progressing players' skills, techniques and movement patterns in order to use them tactically. More in-depth techniques and tactics are introduced at this session and is aimed at getting the players ready for match-play scenarios of all types.

Emerging Squash Course

Emerging Squash Course

When : Saturdays

Time: 13:20 - 14:40

Price: £45

Emerging sessions focus on further progressing players’ skills, techniques and movement patterns in order to use them tactically. Targeted at 13 years and under

Advanced Training Course

Advanced Training Course

When: Saturdays

Time: 09:40-11:00

Price: £45

Advanced sessions focus on refining players' tactical game play and reaffirming skills, techniques and movement patterns. More subtle areas of the game are addressed in this session such as deception and shot variation.

Junior Academy Session

Junior Academy Session

When: Wednesdays

Time: 16.40-18.00

Price: £12

Academy sessions are the highest tier of junior session offered at Surrey Sports Park. This is an invite only session, run and directed by Jesse using methods of High Performance coaching including mental and mindset training as well as all other areas of the game in finer detail.

NEW!  Monday Weekly Session Emerging/Advanced

NEW! Monday Weekly Session Emerging/Advanced

When: Mondays

Time: 16:40- 18:00

Price: £45

A weekly training session that focuses on progressing players’ skills, techniques and movement patterns in order to use them tactically within game play. Players are required to have some foundation knowledge of rules and techniques.

Surrey Sports Park Covid-19 Update

It is with a heavy heart that following the latest UK Government guidance concerning leisure centres we must announce the closure of all of Surrey’s Sports Park’s facilities, and suspend all of our services until further notice. We are continuously monitoring the situation and government guidance and will reopen the facility as soon as we are able to do. We appreciate that many of you will have a number of queries however please bear with us and we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you to all of our wonderful members and staff for your kindness, understanding and support during this difficult time.


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