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If you have never climbed before but are interested in bouldering, you will need to book an instructed session to learn the basic safety principles. Private Tuition can be booked for whenever we have an instructor available. Our private lessons start at £30 for a 1:1. Private lessons are perfect for families looking to try climbing together, first-time climbers who would rather not be in a group, introductions to ropes or bouldering and more. Our instructors can accommodate the session to your needs and will adjust their instructing style to suit you. To enquire about availability please email us at or call us on 01483 683698 to book.


Our four-hour beginner courses for ages 14yrs+ will teach you everything you need to know to start bouldering and top rope climbing independently. Skills will include knot tying, fitting different harness types, belaying, catching falls, using auto-belays and bouldering safety principles. Our beginner courses run as 2x2hour sessions on Sundays 11:00-13:00 on the first two weeks of the month.

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Public Sessions

If you are an experienced climber, you can come to any of our walk-in public climbing sessions and use the centre independently. At the start of your first session you will need to pass a bouldering only, or top ropes safety test with a member of staff. To use the auto-belays, you must be able to pass a top ropesafety test.

An experienced climber who has passed our safety test perfectly may supervise two novices or children at a time.

1:1 Coaching

Our coaching team includes Catalyst Coach Jules Astier and World Champion Paraclimber Matthew Phillips. Coaching sessions start at £30 and can be booked whenever we have an instructor available. To enquire about availability please email us at or call us on 01483 683698 to book.

Learn to Lead

If you want to start lead climbing, then look no further than here!

Our Learn to Lead courses will equip you with the skills you need to take the next step in your climbing over two 2-hour sessions.
Content covered includes the basics of clipping and lead belaying, holding falls, and some technical advice to help improve your efficiency on the wall.
We recommend that you are comfortable climbing 6a before signing up to ensure you have a strong foundation of the fundamental climbing skills to build upon.

If you are interested in booking or have any questions, call us on 01483 683698 for further information.

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