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Alice Tourell North ASCCPersonal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have been working in the sports industry for over 12 years and during this time I have had the privilege of working with a variety of different clients ranging from complete exercise beginners to Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Alongside my work at Surrey Sports Park, I am also a Strength and Conditioning Practitioner for The UK Institute of Sport (UKSI), currently working with British Rowing.

James HanlyPersonal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach

My passion for sport and exercise has seen me develop as a coach and now having over 5 years’ experience working in professional sport. Alongside this I have also worked for several years as a personal trainer with a variety clients, ranging from international rugby players to your public gym enthusiast.

Cristian JohnsonPersonal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach

My philosophy as a personal trainer is simple: to create a friendly environment to help you achieve your goals. My ultimate goal is to help you feel confident and motivated throughout your fitness journey. Whether you're looking to build strength, lose or gain weight, or simply feel healthier and more confident, I'm here to work with you and help you reach your full potential.

Mark LyallPersonal Trainer

My Philosophy as a MSc certified trainer is to help people Train Movements, Muscles and Mind!

I help all gym goers from new beginners to general population and sporting elite individuals to gain confidence on focusing on mastering the fundamental movements in the gym before moving to more advanced exercises based on their goals. I will help assist with form and exercise technique best suited to your anatomy and biomechanics, which will help develop a safe and effective workout programme for 1-1 Personal training or Online Coaching as a result.

Mara LeePersonal Trainer

I am a friendly and welcoming trainer ensuring everyone is having fun whilst working hard towards their fitness targets. Health and fitness are very important to me and there’s so much I have gained since beginning my personal fitness journey.

Working as a personal trainer and coaching sport has provided me with the experience and knowledge to support individuals to get fit, stay strong and promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Rory LewisPersonal Trainer

My passion for fitness, strength and conditioning has helped me develop my skills as a coach over the last 5 years in the industry. Over this time, I have worked with a wide range of clients, from national and international level athletes, Surrey University sports teams and new gym users.

Naomi SymmondsPersonal Trainer

I value training for improved physical and mental health and wellbeing. My own training consists of a range of strength and conditioning, mobility, and bodyweight training.

Annie CrossPersonal Trainer

My top priority as a trainer is to empower my clients to reach their full potential by becoming the strongest version of themselves, both physically and mentally!

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