Why Sports Therapy May Be Right For YOU

Why Sports Therapy May Be Right For YOU

March 12, 2019

Why Sports Therapy May Be Right For YOU

What is Sports Therapy and is it right for you?

You will notice at The Treatment Room we have a number of Sports Therapists, which may be a lesser-known profession to some.

So what does a Sports Therapist do and are they qualified to treat your condition?

Fully trained Sports Therapists are:

Graduates, and this word is important as it means your therapist has studied and achieved an undergraduate degree for 3 years at a University that is recognised by The Society of Sports Therapists to uphold and deliver certain standards. Read more about the Society here and how they ensure you are receiving a high standard of care.

Specialists in diagnosing musculo-skeletal conditions. This means anything concerning joints, muscle, tendon, bone and ligament. They have knowledge of neurological conditions but do not frequently work with stroke patients for example. We offer FREE 1:1 10 min consultations in person or on the phone to answer any questions you have about whether your condition is something we work with.

Sport Rehabilitators, which is a key feature in distinguishing a Sports Therapist who will work with you whatever your aims, to return you fully to your chosen class, activity, sport or exercise regime. Utilising body weight exercises at home or the squat rack at our elite training facility at Surrey Sports Park, our Sports Therapists will ensure your rehab program is achievable.

Sports Science led.  Knowledge of exercise science gives Sports Therapists an edge when returning high level and elite players to their chosen sport. Gemma Hendry, one of our Sports Therapists is the lead therapists for Surrey Scorchers BBL squad.

Hands on. Using techniques like soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, trigger pointing, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques, which are often used in conjunction with rehabilitation work by Sports Therapists.

Prevention focused. Reducing injury risk is a significant part of a Sports Therapists training. This can range from assisting someone who is new to exercise and starting a couch to 5km program, a marathon runner or when working within a team.

Insured. To be an active member of The Society of Sports Therapists means our therapists are insured with professional liability insurance and supported by The Society.

Up-to-date with the latest research. This area of healthcare is always developing and progressing to bring the best treatment and rehabilitation to our clients. Sports Therapists are expected to demonstrate a commitment to continued professional development by attending courses and reading the latest journal releases. All of our therapists in The Treatment Room have access to ‘Physio Network’ to maintain their awareness of new research check us out on the members page here and frequently meet to share knowledge as a team.

First Aid Trained. Many therapists, including Gemma Hendry, Alex Hooker and Georgia Whiffen hold the Sports Trauma qualification for pitch-side work. Working with Team Surrey at Surrey University our therapists deal with spinal injuries, concussions, dislocations and fractures regularly.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion to find out the best service for you.

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