Join Our FREE Halo Workshops!

Join Our FREE Halo Workshops!

October 11, 2019

Join Our FREE Halo Workshops!

Free to all SSP members, the HALO Fitness app allows you to set goals, create workouts, and receive bespoke programmes from your trainer.

Through HALO, Surrey Sports Park now also offers seven FREE workshops across the week, including a 1-2-1 Movement Screen with a Personal Trainer to assess your technique and efficiency. Other workshops on offer include Deadlift, Squat, Hip Thrust, Bench Press, Core and Mobility – see below for the full schedule.

Our Movement Screens take you through a hinge, squat, single-leg exercise, upper body pull and push, and a core exercise designed to cover all the movements that you would typically use in an exercise programme. These will assess how well you move, and what changes could be made to both increase the efficiency of your exercise technique and reduce any potential injury risks. Our trainer will identify any weaknesses you may have and provide exit routes to help improve these areas, such as HALO workouts, technique workshops and other exclusive services.

Bench / Deadlift / Squat / Hip Thrust: How to perform each with the correct form and technique, including how to warm-up, the start position, the ascent and descent, plus alternative exercises.

Mobility: How to properly warm-up and mobilise to effectively prepare for your training sessions. You will also be taken through the different pieces of equipment you can use to assist you when stretching, and what type of stretching you should do before or after your workouts. At the end you will be advised on the time spent stretching, where you can get the equipment to assist you for stretches and any questions you may have.

Core: The best way to effectively control and strengthen your core, including how to control your breathing through a range of exercises.

For further details, please speak to a member of gym staff or email


Keep up to date with our latest service changes

Before you visit us, we recommend checking our new Latest Service Updates page which will be regularly updated with any adjustments to our usual services. This may include changes to opening hours, timetables or facility usage.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause you and hope to see you soon at Surrey Sports Park!

Guest Notice – Face Coverings

From Saturday 19th September, it will be essential for every person in Surrey Sports Park’s communal areas to wear a face covering. This is in-line with the campus-wide policy introduced by the University of Surrey.

The policy does not apply whilst taking part in sport and exercise and activity areas are exempt.

The University considers that the responsibility of wearing a face covering sits with individuals and we expect all our staff, students and public to adhere to this requirement where possible.

Please be mindful and respectful towards members of our community who, due to exceptional circumstances, may be unable to wear a face covering; their reasons may not be visible to others.

Thank you,

Surrey Sports Park


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