Choose to Lose: Q&A!

Choose to Lose: Q&A!

June 9, 2018

Choose to Lose: Q&A!

With the next edition of Choose to Lose right around the corner, we spoke to George Hemmings of the Blue Team, and Katie Sindle of the Blue Team to find out more about the course!

What is Choose to Lose?

George: “Choose to Lose is like a journey where we focus on helping people move, helping people get fitter, helping people develop a knowledge on how to live and be healthier.”

Katie: “Choose to Lose is an eight-week programme where you’re with likeminded people aiming towards the same goal.”

What could someone expect from a typical Choose to Lose session?

George: “We’ll have an hour where we’ll start the first five or ten minutes we’ll have a warm-up session working on a skill-set or specific activation.

“We’ll then go into a main session which will probably be half an hour long where we could have anything! We could have a circuit, we could have a bootcamp, we could do some machine based stuff in the gym, it really does change every session!

“We then have a kind of finisher, which is a real last blast and then we’ll have a cool-down or a stretch.”

Katie: “We generally do a warm-up and then explain what the work out is going to be and then we’ll build up on the intensity so it won’t start off to difficult.

“We gradually increase it so we find that people’s fitness massively increases!

“We demonstrate all exercises and give different variations so they can do similar things if they have any niggles or injuries.”

How can you keep people on the course motivated for 8 weeks?

George: “A lot of it comes down to the buy-in from the person, there’s only so much screaming and shouting you can do to if it’s not what they want to do.

“If people are ready and they want to make change then they’re going to get the most out of the course.”

Katie: “We try to be encouraging as possible but also try to remain open so that anybody feels they can come and chat to us.

“We like to have group discussions at the end of each session as well just to find out what everybody’s been up to, what they’ve been eating and more.”

Being healthy isn’t just about going to the gym, what else does Choose to Lose offer?

George: “We have dietary advice throughout, and we request you fill out a food diary, we’ll help you look through that and make recommendations or some suggestions on potential changes.

“We also offer drop-in sessions with The Treatment Room so if you’ve got any niggles or issues then we have our therapists who are available to talk with you as well!”

Katie: “A lot of people who’ve joined the course have been nervous about going to the gym on their own and they’re not quite sure what to do, they’ve got no structure to their workouts.

“Choose to Lose gives them this structure and fitness testing during the course so they can see how they’re progressing.”

What’s your favourite Choose to Lose experience?

George: “Seeing Carol’s journey! She joined us two Choose to Loses ago and she lacked confidence in her ability.”

“Over the last two courses she’s completely changed her body image and has become really fit and comfortable with what she’s doing.

“Seeing her progression would definitely be my favourite experience.”

Katie: “I really like seeing how people’s body compositions have changed, I love seeing how people’s fitness increases.

“It’s great having people come up to you at the end of a session telling you how amazed they are with how their fitness has improved and how they fit into their clothes better.

“I love doing the measurements and seeing people who have lost 7cm round their waist and how happy it makes them.”

Why should I join your team?

George: “Alice and I bring plenty of energy! She’s more of the chatty one, and I often end up having to be a bit sterner.

“We offer plenty of unique workouts and invest ourselves into you and try to have as much of a good time as possible!”

Katie: “Me and Rory work really well together and Sam is going to be helping us with some sessions.

“We all like to focus on similar things such as mobility and trying to keep people injury free!”

Thanks guys!

Our next Choose Lose course starts on Monday 11th June.

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