Exercise Rehabilitation


What is Exercise Rehabilitation?

Exercise rehabilitation is a personally prescribed set of exercises that range from active movement through to strengthening exercises using therabands, body weight and resistance machines or free weights, dependent on the needs of the client condition & findings during assessment.

Rehabilitation exercises aim to return full function following injury through re-building muscle strength, endurance, power and improving overall flexibility and mobility. Here at The Treatment Room we understand that every athlete, sport and injury is unique, so we personally tailor each rehab plan to YOU in order to maximise your potential.

Exercise rehabilitation plays an integral part in recovery from pain or injury and in many cases the success of healing is attributed to undertaking a thorough & progressive rehabilitation plan. Your therapist will work with you to help you recover and prevent re-injury. Whether your aims are returning to marathon fitness or simply being pain free, our therapists are able to tailor your rehabilitation to YOU.

We want to get you back on your ‘A’ Game!

What might an Exercise Rehabilitation session consist of?

Conditions Treated using Exercise Rehabilitation

The following practitioners can prescribe exercise rehabilitation.

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