Terms and Conditions

Surrey Sports Park Online Booking Terms and Conditions

Online booking may be used by non-members and members of Surrey Sports Park. All bookings must be made in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below, as well as in accordance with all membership terms and conditions (which can be found by clicking the links at the bottom of the page).

Individual bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance for members and 7 days in advance for non-members. Payment is required at the time of booking for all activities (where applicable).

Any courts, classes or courses which have been paid for online must call 01483 689111 or visit Front of House in order to cancel. Free courts or classes may be cancelled at any time online.

Places on all classes are limited.

Late entry to a class may result in the refusal of admission by the instructor.

If any classes are cancelled or changed you will be notified through our online booking service, as well as via telephone.

Members must report to Front of House or the Kiosks prior to their court booking or session to check in.

Arena, Squash and Tennis Booking Regulations

- Consecutive and simultaneous court bookings are not permitted; any consecutive or simultaneous courts will have one of the courts cancelled with no prior notice given (the later court for consecutive bookings)

- Court bookings are limited to 14 courts every 14 days

- Non-marking soled trainers must be worn

- T-shirts must remain on at all times

- Guests must wear appropriate sports clothing, jeans are not permitted

- There will be an additional fee for members who wish to book peak time arena courts

- Guests should use the changing rooms rather than the arenas or squash courts

- Guest should be courteous to one another and wait until their allotted time slot before disturbing others

- Arena bookings are 55 minutes long

- No open topped drinks to be consumed in the arenas or squash courts. Closed containers or sports capped drinks only

- No chewing gum in the arenas or squash courts

Please note classes may be subject to change and/or cancellation in certain circumstances.

These terms and conditions are subject to change

Please visit the links below to download our different membership terms and conditions.

Public Terms and Conditions

University of Surrey Staff Terms and Conditions

University of Surrey Student Terms and Conditions

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