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Are you looking to feel more comfortable or get more out of our traditional yoga classes?

Our range of Yoga courses are designed to increase your confidence and improve the results you get from practicing yoga. From learning the basic movements, to targeting your specific goals, our yoga instructors are on hand to develop your skills and help you incorporate yoga into your daily life.

Yoga for Beginners

Join us for our Yoga Beginner’s course – a great introduction to Yoga in a fun and safe environment. An ideal foundation from which you receive a high level of personal attention in developing your Yoga practice. It is perfect for beginners and suitable for anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals of Yoga. This course provides an introduction from which you may improve posture, refine breathing, tone and strengthen the body whilst improving flexibility and exploring Pranayama (breath control). This course serves as a safe foundation from which you may confidently participate in the open Yoga classes at Surrey Sports Park.

Week 1: Introduction to Yoga and overview of postures, explore Pranayama (breath control) and learn basic postures
Week 2: Introduction to standing postures including the Warrior series and basic sun salutation
Week 3: Introduction to inversions including dowward facing dog, forward fold and balancing postures.
Week 4: Introduction to backbends and the movement of the spine (posture benefits)
Week 5: Seated postures including forward fold, twists and how to use the breath in these postures
Week 6: Bringing everything together in a class format and discussion on the course, Q and A. What next for your Yoga practice.

Days: Mondays
Time: 17:55 – 18:55
Dates: 17th September – 22nd October
Price: £54 for members/ £60 for non-members

Yoga for Improvers

This 6-week course forms a progressive series that uses expert guidance to advance some of the postures featured in the beginner’s course and introduces other stronger postures and techniques to provide a solid foundation and build confidence.

Days: Mondays
Time: 19:00 – 20:00
Dates: 17th September – 22nd October
Price: £54 for members/ £60 for non-members

Yoga: Recharge & De-stress

A lunchtime yoga class to give you a break from the working day and equip you with practical techniques to counteract work related stress and physical discomfort.  Each week, we will use movement to help dissolve accumulated tension from long periods of sitting, driving, or overexertion, as well as breathing techniques and mindfulness based meditations to bring rest from stressful patterns of thought.

Days: Fridays
Time: 12:00- 12:45
Dates: 14th September – 5th October
Price: £36 for members/ £40 for non-members

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