Choose to Lose

Choose to Lose

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Choose to Lose

Take the plunge with our Choose to Lose programme and you will:

Gain Fitness

  • Two weekly fitness sessions with your choose to lose group
  • Varied training sessions from strength work, HIIT training and yoga
  • Weekly drop-in sessions ranging from nutrition workshops to perfecting your squat
  • Weekly home workout guides

“I can feel a huge difference in my fitness and all-round well-being. I feel this is the start of a new me and I am looking forward to getting back into the gym!”

Improve Health

  • Weekly newsletters and emails
  • Private Facebook group for Choose to Lose members providing on-going support through obstacles such as guides to eating out and healthy food swaps.
  • Personalised advice that meets your needs and lifestyle.

“For me the goal was all about health gain, which I have most certainly done and plan to continue.”

Supportive Environment

  • Work around any niggling injuries
  • We support you from where you’re starting in your journey
  • Encouragement from like-minded teammates
  • Motivating team atmosphere

“It has been a fun journey, made all the better by great motivation from our trainers and a great team atmosphere.”

Increase Confidence

  • Technique sessions are built into your workouts to help reduce injury and increase effectiveness
  • Try a range of workouts and exercises in a comfortable non-judgmental environment with the attention of two trainers

“This course was nerve racking for me to sign up to, but I am so glad I did and it has been worth every penny.”

Lose Inches

  • A well-rounded package that provides the right environment to lose inches without sacrificing your lifestyle!

“The weight loss has been a welcome bonus and who knows where this healthier and fitter lifestyle will lead me to.”

Upcoming courses

Returning in early September

Register your interest now to be contacted when bookings are live, email with ‘Choose To Lose’ as the subject

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Looking for another challenge?

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