5 Reasons why Battlecamp is Perfect Training For Obstacle Races

5 Reasons why Battlecamp is Perfect Training For Obstacle Races

February 28, 2019

5 Reasons why Battlecamp is Perfect Training For Obstacle Races

You signed up to do an Obstacle Course Race because you aren’t afraid of a challenge. Beginning to train for something as physically demanding as this event can be daunting, but by taking our toughest course on offer at Surrey Sports Park, the six-week Battlecamp provides the perfect way to prepare yourself for your race.

1.    Overcoming Obstacles

Battlecamp will really set you up for a physical and mental challenge. Each week you can expect two outdoor workouts; challenging your speed, strength, agility and stamina with our unique Bootcamp equipment and highly-experienced trainers. It differs from your usual gym workout by flipping tyres, slamming battle ropes, walking weighted farmer sleds and more! These circuits will push you to your limits, much like the obstacles you’ll encounter on the day.

2.    Getting Used to the Outdoors:

Battlecamp runs no matter what the weather. By doing workouts outside, Battlecamp prepares you for any conditions. Come rain or shine on the day, you’ll show up ready to fight the conditions and complete the course.

3.    Working As a Team:

Battlecamp allows you to train as part of a group of people, twice a week. Not only is this a great time to be sociable but it also helps you gain motivation from others’ hard work and success. You will be pushing and encouraging each other, just as you’d do in an obstacle course race. Knowing someone has your back will push you to take more risks and make you bolder. If you’re an experienced Mudder, you’ll already know how the incredible sense of camaraderie between absolute strangers really motivates you to keep going – everyone helps everyone, that’s the Mudder etiquette.

4.    Increasing Strength and Endurance:

A Classic course requires you to run a distance of 8 – 10 miles. However, you’ll be happy to hear that this is not all in one go. It’s broken up into short mile long bursts between each obstacle. At each obstacle, you’ll rest for a short while whilst waiting, but not long enough to fully recover. Battlecamp can train you up for this by providing interval-type training. HIIT workouts are beneficial for improving aerobic performance.

Battlecamp incorporates bodyweight moves such as squats, lunges, push-ups and bear crawls, alongside rowers, battle ropes and medicine balls. This combination of both strength and HIIT-type circuits over the six-week course will build both your upper and lower body strength, enabling you to tackle the obstacles, and the improvement of your general fitness (aerobic performance) will allow you to endure the 10 miles of effort you’ll be putting in.

5.    Working Towards an End Goal:

Obstacle course race season begins in two months. This gives you adequate time to increase your fitness and prepare yourself. Alongside everyone else in Battlecamp, you are sharing a common goal that you can all achieve together. You have to really wantto cross that finish line and Battlecamp will provide you with a whole lot of mental grit and determination that you’ll be using to complete an event. No matter what your limitations or reservations may be, pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone is the first step towards your end goal. Everyone has the ability – you just have to chooseto do it! Once you’ve completed our Battlecamp course, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to do that obstacle course you never thought you could do.

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