Accessibility at Surrey Sports Park

Accessibility at Surrey Sports Park

March 20, 2019

Accessibility at Surrey Sports Park

As we strive to ensure that Surrey Sports Park is a place accessible for everyone, we would like to notify you that we have updated our accessibility page with some new information on the use of Assistant Dogs at the Sports Park.

Assistant Dogs are allowed on Surrey Sports Park Property as they are a vital assistant for the owner and their daily needs.

The Sports Park however request the following actions from the owner to ensure guidelines are being followed and the working dog can be identified for the benefit of public and staff.

The Sports Park follows the guidance set by the Assistance Dog UK (AD UK) & Guide Dogs for the Blind UK.

Assistant Dogs who go through this training must meet social behaviour requirements which make them safe in busy populated areas.

These Guidelines state that and Assistant Dog can be identifiable by wearing a collar, or harness to show it as an assistant dog.  If they are not wearing a form of identification the owner should be carrying an identification book. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the dog behaves.

Restricted Areas

The only area of the Building that an assistance or guide dog would be restricted is poolside. This is for hygiene reasons and because the dog cannot go in the pool.

We can provide a secure area for assistance dogs that may become stressed when separated from owners but in view of them. Water would be provided from a bowl.

For those with visual impairment we would also provide assistance to and from the changing rooms as well as assistance to and from poolside.  We cannot provide assistance in the changing area or assist changing.

Abuse of the rule and expected behaviour of the Dog and owner

The dog is the owner’s responsibility. In the rare event that an assistance dog misbehaves, please inform the owner who will be keen to control their dog.

Assistance dogs are only allowed on site if they are “working”, allowing the owner to use the facilities, owners may not use the sports park facilities for exercising their dog, especially the playing areas of the sports fields.

Please note : Non Assistance dogs are not permitted on site for two main reasons:

  • Hygiene, dogs fouling the sports pitches or walkways around the sports park create unhygienic environments
  • Safety – Assistance dogs are trained to be in social environments and should not act violently.  The danger of having untrained dogs on site is that they could attack a member of the public or another animal.

If you would like to find out more about the accessibility of our building or facilities, please click here. If anything is unclear, please call our front of house team on 01483 689111 and they will be happy to help.

Keep up to date with Surrey Sports Park’s latest service updates

Visit the Latest Service Updates page to find out all the latest information regarding changes to our services including opening hours, timetables and facility usage. We recommend checking this page before visiting us.

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Guest Notice – Face Coverings

From Saturday 19th September, it will be essential for every person in Surrey Sports Park’s communal areas to wear a face covering. This is in-line with the campus-wide policy introduced by the University of Surrey.

The policy does not apply whilst taking part in sport and exercise and activity areas are exempt.

The University considers that the responsibility of wearing a face covering sits with individuals and we expect all our staff, students and public to adhere to this requirement where possible.

Please be mindful and respectful towards members of our community who, due to exceptional circumstances, may be unable to wear a face covering; their reasons may not be visible to others.

Thank you,

Surrey Sports Park


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