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What is Reform?

Accelerate your results with our new small group Reform technique sessions. Learn the correct movement patterns for some of your favourite exercises and work with our instructors to progress your workouts.

Who is it for?

Reform is for anybody who is looking to develop training skills and enhance their performance. Reform is open to all abilities, offering a range of workshops that covers anything from free-weights and bodyweight exercises, all the way through to running.

How can I book?

Reform can be booked just like a group fitness session, available from £15*. When you buy a set of 4 Reform sessions over the phone or at Front of House, you will receive a 20% discount! You can also book individual sessions online here.

*Advance technique sessions cost £25. These include dietetic clinics and advanced programs. 20% discount available when you buy four at one time.

When are the Workshops?

To see when we put on these workshops, click here for our reform timetable.

Reform Workshops



Mobility & ActivationGet your body moving by activating target muscle groups through a variety of exercises and improve mobility through dynamic stretching.
Running 1: Base BuildingMap out your personal heart rate zones, helping to build your base aerobic fitness and keep you going for longer.
Running 2: Form & Distance StrategyTrain smarter by working on your pacing and form. Help work towards a personal best in either duration or distance.
Running 3: Race PaceGo for a personal best with a pacer to keep you on track and motivated.
Learning the Dead liftLearn the fundamental movements behind the dead lift to ensure that you are lifting both safely and effectively.
Dead lift AdvancedPerfect your dead lift technique by breaking down the movement and working on individual weaknesses, creating a more efficient and powerful lift.
Learning the SquatGain the knowledge and confidence to squat effectively using our Olympic lifting platforms.
Squat AdvancedEnhance lifting ability through targeting weaknesses, as well as learning muscle engagement and breathing techniques.
Bench PressBench press safely and efficiently by setting up correctly and recruiting the relevant supporting muscles.
Intro to Free-weightsEnhance your workouts with an in-depth introduction to the free weights area. Learn how the equipment works, tailor the set up for you and review exercises you can incorporate into your workout.
Watt BikeImprove the effectiveness of your cardio workouts with the inclusion of the Watt Bike. Learn how to set the bike up to suit you and map out your training zones to create a more complete and efficient session.
TRXIncorporate the TRX suspension trainers into your workouts, learning how to boost your exercises with this functional piece of equipment and add variety to your routine.
BodyweightBreak down your bodyweight movement patterns, with guidance from an experienced trainer, to help enhance your technique and develop a stable base to complement your workouts and safely progress to weighted exercises.
Glute BuildingLearn the exercises that can develop strong glutes to help enhance aesthetics, improve posture, alleviate lower body joint pain and enhance athletic performance.
KettlebellsThis workshop uses kettlebells through a range of exercises to target specific muscle groups and work on technique.
Synrgy 101Synrgy 101 gives 1-1 technique points over a range of exercises on the synrgy frame to work a variety of muscle groups and improve strength and fitness.
Core FocusWork your abs and obliques to improve core strength and support upper body posture which will assist training across a variety of muscle groups.
Plyometrics & Medicine BallsLearn new exercises to improve athletic performance, increase explosiveness and develop strength by incorporating a variety of plyometric exercises and use of the medicine balls



Dietetic ClinicReceive tailored nutrition advice from our registered dietitian if you are looking for help with weight loss, or the management of diet-related symptoms.
Advanced ProgrammeWork with one of our fitness consultants to build a more detailed workout programme, tailored to meet your goals.